October 21, 2020

Klabin adapts Bag-in-Box packaging for transportation of hand sanitizer

Packaging offers storage capacity of 5 liters and safe product handling

São Paulo, September 30, 2020 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer of packaging paper, sack kraft packaging and corrugated board, has adapted one of its solutions – Bag-in-Box – for transporting in 5-liter bags the hand sanitizer produced by the company in partnership with the SENAI Institute of Innovation in Biosynthetics and Fibers (member of SENAI CETIQT) and cosmetics manufacturer Apoteka. The product is made from microfibrillated cellulose, a thickener extracted from wood that replaces carbomer, a raw material that is currently scarce in the market due to the pandemic.

The resistant package protects the product during transportation and prevents contamination, and is largely used in the food, beverage, chemical, petrochemical and agribusiness sectors. In addition, the product reduces freight costs due to its optimized format and enables customized printing. The model also broadens the possibilities of using the Bag-in-Box solution and ensures a more sustainable experience to end consumers, since both the hand sanitizer and its packaging are produced from sustainable sources.

“We have a team that is alert to market demands and strives to find smart and customized solutions that meet diverse needs. In this case, we optimized an existing packaging solution, making it capable of storing and transporting an essential product for the current scenario,” said Gabriella Michelucci, director of Corrugated Boards at Klabin.

Bag-in-Box is made of corrugated board produced from renewable raw material obtained from planted and certified forests, and is also recyclable.

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