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Decolar Project chooses the name for its mascot

The winning name was Dumonzinho, in honor of Santos Dumont, one of history’s great aviators

Klabin held a ceremony last week to present a certificate to the student who won the contest to name the Decolar Project’s mascot. The winning name was Dumonzinho, suggested by Wellinton Bueno Antunes, a fifth-year student at the São Silvestre Municipal School, in honor of Santos Dumont, one of history’s greatest aviators.

Wellinton received the certificate from the Manager for Support and Services of the Monte Alegre Plant, Maria de Lourdes Araujo, and from the Municipal Secretary of Education, Celso Augusto Souza de Oliveira, at an event held at the town airport. Wellinton also won a guided visit to the airport, together with his family.

The purpose of the Decolar Project, which is run by Klabin with support from the Municipal Secretary of Education of Telemaco Borba, the Army and the Military Police, is to disseminate a culture of safety throughout the neighborhoods close to the town’s airport, helping to protect people who live in the surrounding areas and contributing to conservation of the area. Participating in this project are children between 7 and 10 years old, who are known as “pilots”: in the classroom, they learn about safe behavior in the areas close to the airport and start to multiply this information among their families and people of the community. To encourage them, the students take part in an ongoing contest and the school which scores the most points will win a party at the end of the year.

About Klabin

Klabin, Brazil’s biggest paper manufacturer and exporter, produces packaging paper and board, corrugated boxes, industrial bags and timber in logs. Founded in 1899, today it has 15 industrial plants in Brazil and one in Argentina. It is organized in three business units: Forestry, Paper (cartonboard and kraft paper) and Converting (corrugated board and industrial bags).

Sustainable Development guides the management of the company, in the pursuit of integrated, responsible growth which combines profitability, social development and environmental commitment. Consequently, it is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and looks for suppliers and business partners who adhere to the same ethical values, transparency and respect for the principles of sustainability.

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