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Our biweekly program with information on Klabin’s
economic, environmental and social activities, broadcast
on radios in the region of Campos Gerais in Paraná,
where we have industrial
and forestry operations. Tune in with us!

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  • Klabin - EN

    Cristiano Cardoso Teixeira

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Arthur Canhisares

    Industrial Paper Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Douglas Dalmasi

    Packaging Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Fábio Fernandes Medeiros

    Legal and Integrity Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Flávio Deganutti

    Paper Business Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Francisco Razzolini

    Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Projects and Pulp Business Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Gabriella Michelucci

    Klabin’s Corrugated Board Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    José Soares

    Pulp Commercial Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    José Totti

    Forestry Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Marcos Paulo Conde Ivo

    Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Sandro Ávila

    Operational Planning, Logistics and Procurement Officer

  • Klabin - EN

    Sérgio Piza

    People and Corporate Services Officer

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