Doublewall paperboard with superior stiffness and printing quality. Its exceptional performance is assured by a balanced mix of hardwood, softwood and chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) and production using last-generation equipment. Applications: packaging for laundry detergents, point-of-sale displays, packaging for premium foods, electronics and other products that require a high performance packaging line and superior presentation.


Doublewall paperboard that combines print quality and high tear resistance. The high percentage of softwood pulp in its composition, combined with the superior finish, makes the product the ideal choice for packaging and beverages. Applications: multi-pack packaging for various beverages such as yogurts and beer and soft drink cans or bottles.


The FZ? version features, in addition to the structure and presentation of KlaFold?, unique internal sealing. The application of an additional barrier on the reverse side eliminates the need for applying polyethylene and makes KlaFold FZ? the best option for packaging frozen and refrigerated goods. Applications: packaging for frozen and refrigerated goods.


O Klafold GB (Grease Barrier), é um cartão que apresenta excelente estrutura e elevada qualidade de impressão – que combinadas à aplicação adicional de uma barreira anti-gordura – torna o produto perfeito para utilização em contato direto com alimentos, sem a necessidade de aplicação adicional de polietileno. Aplicação: embalagens de fast food, pet food, bandejas/berços para biscoitos, entre outras aplicações.


Coated paperboard designed especially for use as liners in corrugated boxes. Its unique coating and fibrous composition ensures excellent print quality and resistance to creasing. Its low density (190 g/m²) offers advantages in printing area without sacrificing material structure. Applications: corrugated boxes.


Paperboard made from virgin fibers and a special composition for packaging applications requiring conversion and aseptic processes, such as long life packaging. Applications: packaging for liquids such as milk, wine, juice, etc.


KlaCup Natural Kraft® is Klabin’s cupstock that stands apart for its innovative presentation that meets the latest demands and trends for products that are more natural and aligned with the aspects of health and sustainability.


KlaCup Blanc® is Klabin’s cupstock version with all-white coatings that meets the highest global standards.


KlaCup® is a paperboard developed especially for the cup market. Consult us for additional barrier applications using KlaCup. Applications: production of cups and containers in general.


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