Kraft Paper


Paper with presentations in natural kraft color made 100% from virgin fibers. Its composition ensures higher resistance as well as excellent stability and performance in corrugators and printers. Applications: boxes for the tobacco and produce industries and transport packaging for industries requiring superior structure and presentation.


Formed by three layers, with the upper layer made from hardwood bleached pulp and the other two from non-bleached fibers. Its physical and mechanical characteristics, especially burst strength and RCT, impart greater resistance and structure to the paper. The homogeneous and white surface, made from eucalyptus hardwood, ensures excellent color printing quality. Applications: boxes for Christmas baskets, gifts, secondary beer packaging and other boxes for value-added products that require superior appearance.


Semi-chemical fluting made from virgin and pre-consumer fibers, ideal for special refrigerated packaging that requires high resistance. Applications: fluting for fruit boxes and other products that require refrigeration.

Sack Kraft

Papers in natural kraft color used to make industrial bags for industries, such as construction, food, chemicals and agriculture. Klabin’s Sack Kraft feature high mechanical resistance and superior print quality, flexibility and durability.


Made essentially from softwood fibers, the product features high tear resistance and good burst strength. Applications: industrial bags, such as for charcoal, seeds and livestock feed, sacks for packaging in general.


Made from softwood pulp, it features very high tear resistance and superior shock absorption when subjected to filling processes. Its high porosity and excellent air permeability ensures efficient bleeding and efficiency to control the weight of the full package. Applications: High-speed filling processes, such as for cement, lime, mortar, plaster, etc.


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