More than corrugated board and sack kraft packaging – segments in which we are the market leader in Brazil – we deliver unique features that make our products more than just packaging solutions. Whether it’s a smart solution, an exclusive customization, guaranteed delivery according to the region or the commitment to sustainability, everything is conceived to exceed expectations and improve the results of our clients.




Ideal for automation

Better palletization

High-speed sacking


Improved printing

For each segment, the best solutions.

Bag Solutions

We have developed customized solutions in sack kraft packaging for all business segments, whose differentials are resistance, porosity, elasticity, superior finishing and print quality. Moreover, our bags are printed with water-based ink and structured with ecological glue that does not contaminate the soil, resulting in a product that is highly biodegradable and reincorporated into the ecosystem in just a few months. We are Brazil’s largest producer of industrial bags and the leaders in Argentina.

Pack Solutions

We supply products that meet the highest quality requirements of the market, to all business segments according to clients specifications. Our corrugated board packaging is resistant to diverse storage and transport conditions, such as humid and low temperature environments, ensuring the product’s integrity until it reaches the final destination.


More than just supplying packaging, we deliver an exclusive solution for your brand through e-commerce. For this, we personalize corrugated board and sack kraft packaging according to your needs in order to leverage your results, as we already do for the coffee industry or the marketplace segment. And you also can count on the quality, high strength and superior logistics that are characteristic of all the packaging solutions produced by Klabin.


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