Trees are the foundation of our business, which is why we take care of our raw material source with great responsibility. The result of this is that we have become the global benchmark in forest management, preserving around 250,000 hectares of native forests in our forest areas.


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Forestry Competitiveness

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Forestry Innovation

We have an environment that is open to new ideas, offering opportunities for testing and implementing projects in the field.

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Average Forest x Mill Radius

The forests are located near the mills, which ensures less time for supplying wood.

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Forest Logistics

Our trucks are designed specifically for the forestry business. This results in lower maintenance costs and low fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

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Forestry Logistics Center

Nothing goes unnoticed. The fleet of trucks is monitored in real time on a 24x7 basis, making sure that each kilometer is optimized.

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Forest Monitoring System

The productivity of the operation is monitored in real time through drones or satellite. This technology helps prevent pests, diseases and potential forest fires.

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Continuous modernization of harvesting equipment

Operators trained in cutting-edge simulators work on state-of-the-art forest harvest machinery, which results in greater speed and safety at work.

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Genetic Improvement

Cross breeding among species and developing clones in labs help maintain a high-density pine and eucalyptus wood.

Our forestry commitment

Klabin’s commitment to responsible forest management, together with the various initiatives aimed at environmental preservation and social responsibility, is attested by our certifications.

Forest management


Public Summary

Learn more about the responsible management of Klabin’s certified forests.


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